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Zendium, a microbiome-balancing toothpaste from Unilever, launches in UK 

HPV vaccination will save many men’s lives,” declares Oral Health Foundation

Research shows UK children get estimated £23.7million from the “Tooth Fairy

Enlighten Whitening System gives patients a whiter smile to light up any room

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Enlighten Tooth Whitening System: Fulfil the tooth whitening wish

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Henry Schein Orthodontics' 4th Annual European Carriere® Symposium

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EndoCare: Putting the care into endodontics

The inaugural Good to Great Event promised “inspiration and practical advice”, did it deliver?

“Remarkable” surgeon, Dr Dery Tuopar, chosen as last Nominate a Smile Winner

Dental student Chrissie Warden wins Nominate A Smile competition

The Trefoil™ dental implant system from Nobel Biocare: A definitive fixed solution

Replace amalgam with Fill-Up! bulk fill dental composite from COLTENE

Maximise chairtime with the Z1 dental implant from TBR