Protect your hands with the Vitality range from Unigloves

Health & Hygiene
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 Looking after your hands is vital to your work - so choose top quality disposable gloves from the Unigloves’ Vitality range.

As experts in the field, Unigloves knows that you need optimum strength and safety to provide an effective, protective barrier as well as good grip and fit to ensure dexterity and comfort.

With double-chlorinated beaded cuffs making them easy to don and remove, and a micro-roughened texture to ensure optimal grip, the Vitality range includes:

  • Vitality Nitrile – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex scented – green, powder-free with Lano-E coating and scented with a pleasant citrus and peppermint flavour

Unigloves uses multiple washing cycles to reduce residual latex proteins and other harmful chemicals for safe, clean gloves that can significantly reduce the potential for skin irritation. Every glove also has a lanolin and vitamin E (Lano-E) inner coating designed to keep the hands flexible and hydrated.

Your hands are probably the most valuable tools that you have - so find out more about caring, quality, protection from Unigloves now.

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