Pleasant breath, bright teeth and confidence

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New CB12 White, “free patients from the stigma of stained teeth and oral malodour”

The team behind CB12 invite you to free your patients from the stigma of stained teeth and oral malodour with CB12 White. With a unique patented formula to effectively neutralise oral malodour and brighten the teeth, CB12 will have your patients smiling with confidence.

Unlike many products, CB12 White does not just temporarily cover up unpleasant smelling breath. It has been developed by dentists to target odorous volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) and neutralise them into odourless insoluble sulphides. It gets right to the actual cause of oral malodour and lasts for up to 12 hours.

CB12 White has an alcohol free, non-abrasive solution with advanced technology to lift tooth stains and create an invisible, protective shield to prevent new stains from developing. Used twice a day for just two weeks, your patients will see the natural brilliance of their teeth shining through.

This clinically proven mouthwash will also help to improve oral hygiene levels. CB12 White contains highly effective anti-plaque agents as well as fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities.

 Find out more about CB12 White to better advise patients who want to look and feel good with fresher breath and brighter smiles.