Helping teenagers maintain good oral health with CB12 mouthwash

Health & Hygiene
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Teenage patients are the most to likely to be influenced by peer pressure and develop bad habits. They may lapse with oral hygiene, take up smoking and eat all the wrong foods but dental professionals can encourage teenagers to maintain good oral health and fresh breath with the help of CB12.

Educate your young patients and ask them to add CB12 mouthwash to their oral health routine. This will to help rinse away food debris and effectively neutralise the gases that cause unpleasant breath. CB12 is a clinically proven mouthwash with fluoride to prevent cavities and strengthen the teeth and a patented formula to provide the reassurance of pleasant breath for up to 12 hours.

Young people will also love the new CB12 mouth spray that fits into any bag or pocket for a discreet and simple way to refresh the mouth any time, any place.

The teenage years are defining and sometimes troublesome but no one wants to be known as the girl or guy with the horrible teeth or the smelly breath. Help your teenage patients out and get more details about the CB12 range of oral health products today.