What has changed and how should we react?

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Nigel Harradine delivers his last major public presentation BOC: 14-16 September, Manchester

Nigel Harradine, one of the UK’s best known and most thought-provoking lecturers in orthodontics over the last four decades, will be reflecting on landmark innovations when he takes the stage at the British Orthodontic Conference in Manchester.

His presence at BOC is hotly expected to attract many colleagues who will want to hear what is billed as his last major public presentation. The title of his talk is ‘40 years in orthodontics – what has changed?’

Nigel will be embracing the conference theme of Back to the Future, discussing advances such as the journey from the early use of Begg brackets to self ligation and from headgear to temporary anchorage devices.

As well as describing ways in which treatment mechanics have changed, Nigel will examine the way in which orthodontists have responded to innovations, comparing, for example the reaction to the advent of the straight wire appliance and nickel-titanium wires to the response to more recent innovations. He will observe that while not every new development is for the best, we are prone to linger too long in our comfort zones.

One of his key messages is that new treatment methods and products often require further technical improvement, more experience and better understanding to deliver their benefits. Another key message is that in orthodontics almost any treatment method that is familiar will work, but is not necessarily the best treatment.