Munroe Sutton’s Healthy Discounts - winning smiles all around

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During Tinseltown’s heyday in the 21st century, attaining the famously perfect smile of Hollywood stars was little more than a starry-eyed dream for most.

Thankfully, a new century has brought a brighter, whiter future. Today, in our “body beautiful” focused, selfie-swamped society, the quest for a stunning smile has come down to earth through the advent of teeth whitening.

The dilemma for some has been funding, as well as the peril of resorting to treatment from unlicensed practitioners.

A winning solution is found in Munroe Sutton’s Healthy Discounts scheme, which offers teeth whitening among a wide range of dental treatments available at affordable prices. Members are entitled to access this cost-effective treatment simply by visiting a Munroe Sutton associate practice to find out more.

In turn, these same associate practices benefit from the stream of referrals from Monroe Sutton’s vast network of customers, drawn from major global healthcare, insurance and business institutions.

With unparalleled affordability and ease of access, Munroe Sutton’s Health Discounts are bringing the Hollywood smile within reach.