Replicate Immediate Implant

Restoration and Repair
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Replicate Immediate Implant System, "dental technology guided by nature"

General Medical distributes the Replicate Immediate Implant System, which is said to “combine nature’s form with proven materials to create a unique alternative to traditional off-the-shelf implants and three unit bridges”.

Prior to the extraction appointment, utilising CT Scans and a two-phase PVS impression or 3D intraoral scan the anatomical shape of the tooth to be replaced guides the design of each Replicate System component. Customizing the titanium or zirconia endosseous portion, the transgingival zirconia preparation and the translucent zirconia temporary protective crown ensures a proper fit, proportion and aesthetics.

All components of the Replicate tooth are 100% customizable – including specifying the shape of the zirconia preparation and adjusting its depth to optimize aesthetics in the buccal region, combining the roots of multi-root teeth for any easy insertion path, modelling crowns that are broken or missing, and designing temporary protective crowns to ensure it is not in occlusion and provides the best possible aesthetic result.

Once the Replicate tooth has completely integrated – usually four to six months after placement – the temporary protective crown is removed and the final crown placed.

Benefits for the dentist include self-guided insertion, reduced surgical risk, immediate support for the soft tissues, reliable red/white aesthetics, minimal chair time and no inventory or software to buy. Benefits for the patient include immediate placement, immediate aesthetics, minimally invasive, no drilling and no second surgical session required.