Ultaire™ AKP RPD

Restoration and Repair
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Dr James Russell talks about the new Ultaire AKP metal-free removable partial denture

After submitting a request to Egan Dental Laboratory for a chrome removable partial denture (RPD), Dr James Russell was asked if he would like to try a new generation, high performance material. James had heard about Ultaire AKP in the media and agreed to try it. He was delighted with the results and here are his observations:

“There is clearly still a massive demand for partial dentures but what is often putting people off is the fact that they are made of metal. In 2017 people want a metal-free solution and if we can offer a tooth-coloured framework for a RPD it is a massive step forward in terms of patient interest and acceptance.

“Ultaire AKP is highly compliant and its flexural properties provide a lot more potential in the way that it engages undercuts and really opens up other treatment options that were not possible before. We are able to make less visible clasps and choose the colour of those clasps, which has huge benefits for enhanced aesthetics.

“Ultaire AKP is going to be massive, there is a huge increase in patient interest for metal-free partials and this is going to change everything, definitely.”

For more information about Solvay Dental 360, Ultaire AKP and Dentivera milling discs, visit the solvaydental360.com website