Ultaire AKP - A viable alternative to metal RPDs

Restoration and Repair
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“Ultaire AKP is a new material that has been custom-designed specifically for removable partial denture (RPD) frames. It is slightly flexible and so feels more like part of the mouth, therefore offering a viable alternative to metal.”

Gill Egan from Egan Dental Laboratory in Ripon shares her experience so far with the brand new Ultaire AKP material from Solvay Dental 360. She adds:

“The feedback I have received from patients is that Ultaire AKP is more comfortable than chrome-framed dentures and they actually forget that they are wearing the RPDs.

“From clinicians’ point of view, Ultaire AKP has the advantage of being easy to trim and adjust in the mouth if necessary. Frames made from Ultaire AKP are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and biocompatible, plus they can be manufactured quickly and accurately for a functional, durable and comfortable solution.”

To find out more about the brand new Ultaire AKP for RPDs, contact Solvay Dental 360 today.