NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents, available exclusively from Dental Express

Restoration and Repair
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We all want our patients to feel comfortable and secure from the moment they enter our practice. The real test of ensuring their comfort comes when they take their seat in the dental chair.

In addressing the issue of saliva control during treatment, NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents ensure a more relaxing environment for your patient, and an exceptional working area for you. Say goodbye to awkward fitting cotton absorbents; the super absorbent core creates an exceptionally dry field and protects from parotid saliva contamination with control of up to 15 minutes.

NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents, available exclusively from Dental Express, a trading division of Surgery Express LLP, are also ideal to treat patients who find dental treatment uncomfortable because of a pronounced gag reflex.

Available in large and small sizes, NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents are also available with reflective backing to assist you in your intraoral procedures. There is no danger of distracting leakage during treatment.

Take saliva control in hand with NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents, and discover why it outperforms all other absorption products on the market.