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“The Ten Dental Implant Restoration Course (IRC) is a fantastic course set in a fantastic venue run by fantastic dentists,” says Dr Raheem Achour, who recently attended the course.

Charlotte Monk, Foundation Dentist at Rodericks Dental’s Mile House Dental Practice, discusses how the group has supported her in finding a balance between dentistry and participating in dressage at an international level:

Edinburgh College Dental Technology Department in association with the OTA presents Orthocryl LC and Protective Appliances Workshop

FGDP(UK) responds to “The antibiotic course has had its day” in the BMJ

Quicksleeper S5 intraosseous local anaesthetic hands-on training courses announced

NSK supports numerous educational courses across the UK and Ireland, including the "Perio with Deepak" events

The BDA responds to a new report suggesting at least 1.8 million over-65s could have urgent unmet dental conditions

BDA says, “Dentistry is too often the missing piece in care homes” and calls for action

BADN Chief Executive Pamela Swain outlines the benefits of becoming a Student Associate