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CosTech Elite’s Neil Photay discusses how mouthguards prevent dental trauma in basketball

New electronic specialist referral tracking system to be launched for dentistry in Wales

Initial Medical’s Steri-7 Xtra biocidal cleaners keep your dental practice sepsis free

Clinical dental technician Jonathan Hughes handles a tough removable partial denture case with Ultaire™ AKP

Ultaire AKP, the latest generation dental polymer for RPDs seen on the Solvay Dental 360 stand

Carestream Dental’s David Claridge says a successful dental lab “Combines talent and technology

Beyond dentistry: KYomed INNOV develops ePRO a digital health information reporting device

During DTS 2018, Carestream Dental demonstrated just how easy life in the lab should be

Dr Richard Pollock says his MyCrown integrated CAD/CAM system has transformed his daily practice

Beyond dentistry: Renishaw showcases innovative implants to maxillofacial surgeons

Yndetech builds fast-growing dental implant business in Italy with 3D Systems' 3D printers

Planmeca ProModel™ 3D technology service contributes to second face transplant in Finland