Sof-Lex from 3M Oral Care

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The Sof-Lex Diamond dental polishing system from 3M Oral Care

A spokesperson from 3M Oral Care said: “When you’ve spent time restoring a patient’s tooth, you’ll want to be able to provide a finish worth smiling about.

“This is where the Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System from 3M Oral Care comes in. A two-part system, the pre-polishing spiral prepares the restoration for the final gloss, while the diamond-impregnated polishing spiral finishes off the restoration with a glorious paste-like gloss.

“The Sof-Lex diamond polishing system is entirely reusable for added cost-effectiveness and, thanks to its convenient rubberised design, has no problem adapting to all tooth surfaces.

“Fast and easy to use, the Sof-Lex diamond polishing system can help you create beautiful and natural-looking aesthetics every time; to find out more, contact the 3M Oral Care team today. More information is available online”

 3M and Sof-Lex are trademarks of the 3M Company.