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SleeperOne digital local anaesthetic system from General Medical, "painless, precise and cost-effective"

General Medical is the UK Distributor for SleeperOne, the digitally controlled local anaesthetic system that delivers painless, precise and comfortable anaesthesia without any additional cost per treatment. General Medical is also offering 36 month finance package.

Combining high quality needles, precision and digitally controlled delivery, SleeperOne is said to be the most cost-effective system for the delivery of painless infiltration, block and intraligamental anaesthetic procedures. It is a light, electronically controlled delivery system (weighing just 71g) that enables digital control of the anaesthetic solution’s flow rate with a pen grip very close to the needle for precision, comfort and efficiency.

Electronically controlled injections enable totally controlled pain free and predictable injection procedures. The injection pressure and flow rate is continuously controlled to limit trauma and pain. Four speeds can be adjusted to match all anaesthetic procedures – children, infiltrations, blocks and intraligamental.

Facilitating pain-free penetration and reduced penetration depth, SleeperOne’s patented needles suppress pain because of their unique bevel, which acts like a scalpel blade so that the tissues are no longer torn but incised. Featuring a mark on the hub to enable correct orientation they can be inserted more shallowly to prevent painful contact with the periosteum, often the cause of painful injections using conventional needles during infiltration procedures. For intraligamental and intraseptal anaesthesia they penetrate deeper and are stiffer making them faster and more efficient.