GC Initial LiSi Press

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GC Initial LiSi Press restorations for “unsurpassed strength and aesthetics”

GC claims its Initial LiSi Press offers “unsurpassed strength and aesthetics”.

A spokesperson explains: “Restorations fabricated using GC’s Initial LiSi Press can be characterised using Initial LiSi veneering ceramic and Lustre Pastes to create restorations with a truly natural appearance, translucency and light emission that blend in harmoniously with the adjacent teeth and gingival margins.

“They will also exhibit unsurpassed physical properties due to their innovative HDM Technology which utilizes equally dispersed lithium disilicate micro-crystals to fill the entire glass matrix, rather than traditional larger size crystals that do not take full advantage of the entire matrix structure.

“As result, Initial LiSi Press restorations deliver the ultimate combination of strength and aesthetics making them perfectly suitable for all types of dental restorations. Plus they can be polished in the mouth should this be necessary.

“As well as their unparalleled aesthetics Initial LiSi Press restorations exhibit low abrasion and high wear resistance; rich, warm and bright colours with excellent fluorescence; and an unsurpassed flexural strength (450 MPa) due to their HDM Technology.”