The new A-dec 200 allows for increased chair ride comfort

Dental Equipment
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In order to continue providing dental professionals with equipment solutions of the highest quality, A-dec is constantly developing new product designs.

For example, the newly released A-dec 200 has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the dental surgery.

Featuring a powerful hydraulic cantilever system for smooth, quiet operation and optimum patient positioning, the A-dec 200 allows for increased chair ride comfort. What’s more, the new chair features a contemporary and ergonomically designed delivery system that includes a user programmable touchpad for intuitive control, an as-standard cuspidor and support centre, along with an easy to position assistant’s instrumentation system that completes the A-dec 200’s economical and versatile design. On top of this, the A-dec 200 is available in either a right- or left-handed configuration, to optimise in-surgery functionality.

A competitively priced entry-level system, the A-dec 200 has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards expected of A-dec, meaning that practitioners can always trust in its enduring reliability and cost-effectiveness.

To find out more, contact the expert A-dec UK team today.