T-Scan digital occlusal analyser, available exclusively from Clark Dental

Dental Equipment

While articulating paper is widely used by dental professionals to measure their patients’ occlusion, it does have several significant limitations: most importantly, it cannot give an accurate indication of a patient’s bite force timing.

This is precisely where the T-Scan digital occlusal analyser, available exclusively from Clark Dental, holds the advantage. Thanks to its advanced digital technology and ease of use, the T-Scan can offer dental professionals an accurate and time-sensitive record of their patient’s bite forces.

Patients need simply bite down on the unique sensor and every facet of their occlusion is recorded digitally and saved to a computer. This allows for better clinical documentation, ease of access and clarity. What’s more, a frame by frame clip can be displayed of the process, allowing you to identify exactly where occlusal issues will manifest – and then plan treatment accordingly.

The T-Scan is changing the way dental professionals measure occlusal forces. To find out more about how you could take advantage of this state-of-the-art product, contact the expert Clark Dental team today.