“I was first introduced to the HyFlex EDM file from COLTENE during my MSc training last year,” says Dr Sorin Campeanu, “and it was love at first sight!”

Dental Express’s Martin Oates discusses safer endodontics and the “Harvard System

When performing an endodontic procedure, your patient and their comfort are the utmost priority. It will be your task to allay their fears and assure them that everything will proceed smoothly under your care.

Endodontic treatments are often precipitated by patient pain – and, as a result, it’s important that treatments are effective and long-lasting to alleviate any discomfort. As such, practitioners must use high quality products that can achieve ideal outcomes.

This is why practitioners like to use ROEKO Guttapercha Points from COLTENE. When used in combination with sealers, these effective endodontic points can be used to efficiently obturate the root canal.

Easy to introduce, Guttapercha Points are stiff yet flexible enough to follow the curves of the canal without breakages. They also exhibit excellent tissue compatibility and are unprecedentedly hygienic to eliminate the risk of post-operative infection.

What’s more, COLTENE’s Guttapercha Points are available in different ISO sizes, with different tapers and an intuitive colour-coding system for absolute ease-of-use.

Eliminating patient pain is one of the key aims of effective endodontic treatment and this can only be achieved by using high quality products. Thanks to COLTENE’s fully automated production system, you can rest assured that ROEKO Guttapercha Points will be nothing but the best.

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